Brand Consulting

For Brands

For established and emerging fashion brands, we provide expert merchandising strategies that merge creative identity with analytical sales data. From product development to positioning, creative assets, visual merchandising, and reporting, we ensure your brand's vision remains cohesive and successful.

Our services include:
  • Competitive Analysis and Consumer Trend Research
  • Robust Reporting Development
  • Core Product Development
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Visual Merchandising and Creative Strategy
  • On-floor merchandising support
  • VM Guidelines and Playbook Development

 - Seane Marie, VP of Product + Retail, THE WELL

“Ashley was an impactful consultant to our retail business — she has a proactive communication style that makes working with her as a consultant very seamless. She introduced an enhanced reporting method and heat map analysis of our store that helped us make better informed decisions on our overall assortment and in store merchandising strategy, making an immediate impact in the first 90 days of working together.”

- Shannon M., Owner, Carolina Oaks Consulting 

 “As a buyer and a merchandising consultant, Ashley made strategic buys that set the store apart from their competitors. Her professional approach to coaching resulted in increased growth in the business and the team.”

- Dwarmis, Creative Director, DWARMIS New York

“Working with Paperwhite has completely changed my business. Ashley has been able to come in and quickly identify opportunities, and product development plan. She’s even established best practices for our business, setting us up for success for years to come.”

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Whether you're a retailer looking to revitalize your business, a fashion brand in need of expert guidance, or someone seeking personalized styling, we're here to make your vision a reality.